Seller’s Needs Questionnaire

Seller’s Needs Analysis


Name: _________________________________
Home Phone: ___________________________ Work/Alternate Phone: ____________________

Fax: ___________________________________ E-mail: _________________________________
Source/Referred by: ______________________ Date: __________________________________

  1. Why are you selling?

  2. When are you looking to sell?

  3. How much do you think your home is worth?

  4. How much do you think your home will sell for?

  5. How did you come to that price?

  6. What is your home’s current mortgage balance? 

  1. Are you willing/able to carry a portion of the financing for the buyer?

  2. Has your home been on the market in the past year? If yes, did you take it off the market? Why do you think it didn’t sell previously?

  3. Where are you moving to? Are you moving up within the same neighborhood? Are you moving out of the area?

  4. Are you buying a new home?

  5. Will you need an agent to find a new home?

  6. When do you want to be in your new residence?

13. Have you signed with another agent?
14. What type of home do you have? Tell me a little about the property.
15. Have you done any remodeling or updating to the home since you purchased it?
16. What was your primary reason for selecting this home?
17. What features have you most enjoyed about your home, neighborhood and community?
18. Are there any leased items in your home (appliances, etc.)?
19. Are there any structural material defects you are aware of in the home?
20. What are your major concerns in selling your property?
21. What are your requirements for your agent?
22. What other requirements do you have for selling your home?
23. Other: (Are there any questions that you normally would ask that aren’t included on this sheet?)